We’re red. We’re white. We’re blue and most of all we’re green. Yes we’re patriotic and we love our country. Even more we love mother earth. We have no PERC on the premises. Not all drycleaners and laundry are the same.

To be a ClothesDr you must have a patented organic / environmentally friendly dry cleaning system, which we do. You must have a wet cleaning department that is endorsed by the E.P.A. and the “Design for the Environment “partnership which we have done. You must have a hanger and plastic recycling program, which we have. We even use plastic hangers to reuse over and over. You must have a way for customer’s to reduce trips to the cleaners by adding a free pick up and delivery service to vanpool their clothes therefore cutting down emissions which we do. You must strive to reduce energy in your plant by using trademarked cleaning techniques which we do.

It would be nice to offer your customers a recyclable garment bag so you can reduce the plastic used to package their clothes which we do. Everyday here at ClothesDr.com we strive to reduce our carbon footprint. We take steps everday to be a friendlier cleaner to you and the environment.